Solö Ruff from 1963

Available from March 2020

Weekend cruiser, reliable and easy to trailer

The Solö Ruff was marketed in the 1960s as a "well thought-out family cruiser". With attributes like "beautiful, seaworthy and especially suitable for cruising" it was advertised in the catalogue of the shipyard AB Örnmaskiner (later Storebro Bruks AB). Between 1952 and 1964 different versions were built, which differ in the dimensions. The one restored here is with 7.25m length and 2.25 width one of the largest with single engine and offers a lot of space, especially in the cockpit.

The Solö Ruff was one of the first types of the AB Örnmaskiner boatbuilding division in Storebro, Sweden, which was mass-produced. Each component was prefabricated and given the construction number, which ensured a classification.

Among the many customers are also well-known personalities such as the author Astrid Lindgren, who travelled the Swedish outer archipelago with her "Solö".

During the restoration we put the focus on useability and safety. The typical watering, as it is usual with older clinker hulls, is omitted with the procedure selected by us. The boat is immediately ready for use. Also the structures were strengthened, so that the boat can be trailered simply from shore to shore.

The special feature of the offered construction number 892 from the year 1963 is the stronger 115 HP engine as well as the petroleum heater installed in the cabin.

The project was already exhibited at the Boot&Fun trade fair in Berlin and will be completed in February 2020.

Boat Dimensions

L.o.a.: 7.25 m / 24 ft

Width: 2.25 m / 7.4 ft

Draught: 0.70 m / 2.3 ft

Displ.: appx. 1500 kg / 3310 lb


Engine: Volvo Penta BB 115B

Type of operation: 4 - stroke

Fuel: Benzin / Gazoline

Cylinders: 4

Max output: app. 1 x 115 hp

Cooling: Seewater


Fuelcapacity: app. 130 lt


Serial No 892 from 1963

AB Örnmaskiner Werft (later Storebro Bruks AB) (S)

Restauration -- status November 2019 --

Our goal for Restauration

  • Make the hull watertight

  • Check and renew structures where necessary

  • Engine revision and check for reliability

  • (New) construction of the varnish in underwater and overwater areas of the hull

Hull below waterline

- complete old coating removed, sanded, connections/rivets tested

- milled plank transitions, permanently elastic filled with epoxy resin

- Connections bow and stern milled and filled with sealing resin permanently elastic

- cracks milled out and closed with strips

- sanding and varnishing

Hull above water

- sanding and varnishing

keel bolts and frames

- changing bolts

- fixing the structures


- Removing old coating

- Reconstruction of paint

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