My services allow you to concentrate on the most beautiful hours and days with your boat. Put the care in my hands, I take care of it (in consultation with you) to do all work to maintain value, maintenance, repair and provision. My claim: You as the owner have a perfectly functioning boat at the desired time at the place you specify.

This means in particular:

  • Maintenance

    The maintenance of the boat is coordinated and all work is carried out on behalf of the owner, based on a network of specialists for wood, paint, engine, equipment etc.

  • Provision

    The provision of the boat in the home area or holiday resort of the owner.

  • Storage

    The professional storage and control during the times when you do not use the classic.

  • You save your time.

  • Save to Invest in a dedicated car for the size of your boat as well as the time for the preparation and transfer at your leisure.

  • You save the cost of a permanent mooring, working in a club and time for inspection trips to the boat during the cold season.

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