I am always looking for interesting projects. Some maritime classics are currently being prepared to meet my demands of high quality and reliability.

Here I give an outlook on the projects and boats and when you can expect them.

Classics attract attention and are the subject of conversation, the eye-catcher on the water. Often unique pieces, sometimes small series from bygone times or from designers and shipyards that are still talked about today.

My claim is that the boats are to be driven. They are "suitable for leisure time and holidays", because they are simply too good to lock away.

Original parts and equipment are preserved and restored as best as possible, but also speak of use. This patina, which has built up over the course of its existence, is the soul of the boat; this also belongs to a maritime classic.

However, the most important step towards your own classic is a test drive. See the lines, feel the wood, hear the sound of the engine and familiarise yourself with the feeling of driving a maritime classic with patina and history through the waters.

offers overview

offers detailed

Riva Super Florida from 1958

€ 110.000,- // origin trailer included

cult object - in restoration - 100% healthy

When Carlo Riva took over the shipyard on Lago d' Iseo in the 1950's, he dreamed of building sports boats that would be a harmonious balance between aesthetics, first-class materials and safety. He achieved this with the "Super Florida", which was marketed as the "ideal water ski boat" in the 1960s. And this with great success. The "Florida" and "Super Florida" was the most sold type for Riva, up to production has ended in 1969.

If you see the "Super Florida" in the water next to the equally harmonious "Aquarama", she appears as the smaller sister. In lines, form and layout they are very similar, despite different dimensions and equipment.

The here offered construction number 280 of series I from 1958 is in restoration at the professionals of the Bouwmeester shipyard in Düsseldorf. The project is at 90% stage now, completion is scheduled for May 2020.

The specialties of THIS Super Florida are:

- 100 % restored and healthy

- Origin trailer for Super Florida included, restored

Load-bearing components have been partially renewed, the outer skin and floor have been rebuilt, the engine has been overhauled.

For more details of the restoration please use the link.


L.o.a.: 5.9 m / 19.4 ft

Width: 2.16 m / 7.1 ft

Draught: 0.50 m / 1.6 ft

Displ.: appx. 1200 kg / 2645 lb

Engine: 1 x Chris Craft 6cyl

Power: appx. 175 hp


Solö Ruff from 1962

available March 2020

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