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Sale and management of maritime classics with patina & history

Shimmering wood surfaces, historical forms, warm shades, the smell of wood. This is pure emotion! At that time the state of the art and design, perfectly handcrafted, these are maritime classics.

Browse in the areas offerings to current restoration - projects or under boat management to the achievements and services.

Storebro, Pettersson, Riva, Rio & Co

Whether classics of the Storebro Bruks shipyard from Sweden like the Solö Ruff, or boats built by design of C.G. Pettersson. The the legendary Ariston by Carlo Riva or the Espera Ta of the shipyard Avionautica Rio.

The lifestyle of the ages of construction is incorporated into each of the designs and lives on in these classics. To find these, ideally with the history and biography of the boat, prepare them in terms of high quality and finish, this is our goal. Managing your boat related to value preservation, maintenance, repair and supply is another key factor of our service.

Our success is based on first-class teamwork. Through a network of specialists for each trade, we ensure that our requirements are met: High quality and reliability on your future boat trips.

Browse in the areas offerings to current restoration projects or look under boat management to see the benefits of our services. Or contact us directly, we will be happy to advise you.

Stefan Naust

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Naval Architect

+49 171 239 8736


Our network of specialists

Conservation of historic wooden boats and yachts through professional restoration and repairs

Service around engine and drive train, whether new or used

Passion for elegant "runabouts" from the 1950s to the 1970s, perfect craftsmanship for restoration.

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